The California House Financing Agency (CalHFA) is designed to offer a helping hand to those Californians having low and moderate incomes who want to buy their own residence. Established in the year 1975 in the business industry, the Agency had already provided assistance to more than 150,000 families in the State. Intended for the first-time home buyers, CalHFA built various financing assistance and programs to support the needs of the renters and first-time home buyers.

CalHFA has the heart to understand those people who wanted to buy their own first homes. It is a big responsibility to raise money for them to purchase a property or even make a down payment. But CalHFA would like to help the first-time home buyers like you to lighten your burdens and help you achieve your greatest dream. As we go through this course, you will be oriented about all the financing and assistance programs of CalHFA.


Before you can get into with the programs of the Agency, you must meet the CalHFA’s requirements.

Borrower Requirements

1. A U.S. citizen, permanent residency, or a qualified alien
2. Must meet the requirements of the lenders, the master service, and CalHFA
3. Must live in the house purchased for the entire course until it is fully paid, sold or refinanced
4. A first-time home buyer – meaning, the borrower has NOT owned a house for the past 3 years. Veterans and applicants who will purchase a property in the targeted areas are exempted.
5. Must have completed a homebuyer education counseling to obtain a certificate.

CalHFA considers certificates from the following:
a. Fannie Mae Homebuyer Counseling Counselors / Administrators Search
b. Freddie Mac Homebuyer Counseling Counselors / Administrators Search
c. HUD-approved Housing Counselors
d. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Address: 451 7th Street, S.W., Washington, DC 20410
Telephone: (202) 708 – 1112

Property Requirements

1. The purchase price must be less than the allowable sales price limit in the county.
2. The house should be newly build or previously owned.
3. Must have five acre maximum on the size.
4. Must be a detached residence.
5. The house can be a detached unit within a planned unit development (PUD).
6.The property can be a condominium or an attached unit in the PUD.


The Agency offers various different loan programs for the first-time home buyers.


These home loan programs offer a low fixed-interest rate in a 30-year term. The interest rate will never changed until the property is fully paid, refinanced or sold. The following are the subordinate programs of first mortgage:

What state are you in? Please select an item.

Behind on your mortgage payments?: Please select an item.

Estimated mortgage balance owed? Please select an item.

Who is your lender? A value is required.

First Name: A value is required.

Last Name: A value is required.

Primary Phone Number: A value is required.

Secondary Phone Number:

Your Email Address: A value is required.


The agency offers these various down payment and closing cost assistance programs to those first-time home buyers whose bearing a burden of producing money for a money down. The programs are designed to offer an affordable loan for his down payment, called the subordinate or second loan wherein the fee for the assistance is deferred until the house is fully paid, sold or refinanced.



Interest rates vary on the borrower’s financial status, lender fees and other circumstances. The agency has approved-lenders who can work with you and provide you more detailed informations about the different programs. Therefore, the interest rates will depend on the lenders and the chosen program as well.


In every counties in California, sets of income limits and sales price limits are alloted in various programs mentioned above. To be qualified, the income of the borrower must not exceed the income limits settled in the chosen county. Likewise, the sales price of the property must not exceed the sales price limits of each county. It is recommended that you will communicate to your trusted lender.


If you wish to avail any programs of CalHFA, you must bring with you the following:

  • Pay stubs
  • Bank statements
  • Employment history
  • Previous tax returns

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